New Build Homes; Greener and Cheaper

10th August 2022

New Build Homes; Greener and Cheaper

Buying a new home rather than a pre-owned home is a no brainer. Not only are there many more buying options for newly built homes meaning it’s easier to save for a deposit (especially helpful for those aspiring to take their first step on the property ladder), but thanks to their in-use energy efficiency, buying a new home is the most cost-effective way to buy a property.

To first- and second-time buyers, the smallest of reductions to household costs can make a real difference. Newly built properties require no DIY (unless the homeowner fancies their own cosmetic changes!) and are all presented with new colour on the walls and modern fixtures and fittings throughout, meaning no essential ‘do-up’ cost after purchase.

According to a recent Home Builders Federation report*, the average owner of a new home saves £435 each year on household bills compared to pre-owned homeowners. Across the UK, that totalled £112m in household bill savings for new build homeowners in the year to September 2021. That’s the equivalent of a coffee from Pret every working day of the year for each homeowner!

The savings that are possible with a new home are thanks to their future-proof, energy efficient design. Broadly speaking, new build homes are better insulated, have double glazing throughout, and are fitted with energy efficient appliances. Here at Curo, we also include alternative energy solutions across many of our developments, including Passivhaus homes, ground source heat pumps and solar panels, with some, such as Century Park, now being completely gas free.

Not only is energy efficiency good for your bills and household finances, it’s also good for the environment – according to the HBF report, new build homes make a saving of 2.38 tonnes of carbon per house per year. The result of this is peace of mind in knowing that the life-changing decision to buy a newly built house is also kinder to our planet.

With energy efficiency inevitably becoming an important property price affecting factor in the future, buying a newly built, energy efficient home is going to be a sound investment.

Find out more about Curo’s range of energy efficient homes here.

*HBF Greener, Cleaner, Cheaper - Energy report for new build homes: March 2022