Curo launches innovative approach to team meetings

2nd September 2022

Curo launches innovative approach to team meetings

Curo recently opened the doors to its first Shared Ownership and Open Market sales team meeting of the financial year. With mortgage advisors Evolve Financial Solutions in attendance, the meeting is the first of many aimed to support the team’s overall learning, development, and industry knowledge.

Putting in motion a more targeted approach to team meetings will allow the Curo team to pool resources, and in turn offer the very best expertise and advice to their customers. With the Evolve team at hand, the Shared Ownership and Open Market teams will provide Curo with up to the minute insider information surrounding the property market, predictions on how it will change over the next 12 months, mortgage trends, the best lending products, and alternatives to the Help to Buy scheme.

In August’s meeting, Evolve shared insights into the recent news that Halifax bank has increased its maximum loan back up to 95% percent for customers buying new builds or on shared ownership. Along with additional insights such as the continued trend of people moving out of the city and choosing to work from home, inflation and interest rates moving ever upwards and how Government incentives on solar panels, heat pumps and roof insulation are doing their bit to help our country’s new homes gear up for a net zero future.

During the same meeting, it was revealed that Curo will be signing up to at least three new and improved buying schemes as Help to Buy is phased out later this year. Including Own New run by Market Mortgage that offers clients a competitive 95% loan-to-value rate, with innovative mortgages offering better rates than those typically available on the second-hand market.

Another is Generation Home’s booster programmes. Generation Home is a forward-thinking mortgage lender aimed at first time buyers that offers an Income Booster scheme, where buyers can add family members who will not live in their new home to their mortgage, to increase how much they can borrow. It also has a Deposit Booster scheme that allows a buyer’s friends and family members to contribute to their deposit as a secured loan rather than a gift.

Both of these schemes will make New Build options more attractive to purchasers, both first time buyers and home movers alike. Both present extremely affordable ways forward for those on a low income and/or those who want to buy but have little to no deposit.

Curo believes that knowledge is power, so providing the whole team with expertise on who provides the best rates and fastest turn around times means that everyone can benefit, and purchasers can receive the support they need before reserving their dream home.

These initiatives and others can be applied across all Curo developments, including Mulberry Park in Combe Down, Bath, Eaton Park in Yatton, Century Park in Lawrence Weston, and upcoming sites Keyford Meadows in Frome and Locking Parklands in Weston-Super-Mare.

For more information, contact our sales team on 0345 140 50 50.