Curo commemorates Remembrance Day at Mulberry Park

11th November 2022

Curo commemorates Remembrance Day at Mulberry Park

A silhouette of the Unknown Tommy, and another commemorating women in war, mark Remembrance Day at Curo’s flagship development – Mulberry Park. 

Purchased from the Royal British Legion (RBLI), the statues were hand-made by veterans employed at RBLI's social enterprise, Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company. The statues serve as striking and enduring reminders of Britain’s fallen soldiers, as well as those who continue to serve in the armed forces.

Mulberry Park is rich in Britain’s military history – the site itself was built on the southern hillsides formerly taken over during World War II to create the Foxhill Ministry of Defence (MOD). Used throughout the Second World War and the Cold War, the site incorporates these historical links throughout its design. The names of the local men and women who dedicated their lives to the war effort are commemorated forever in the names of the roads that make up the neighbourhood.

Jodie Winter, Curo Sales Manager said “Mulberry Park is a development that holds so much history ensuring that we commemorate the lives served and lives lost, and show our continued support for the RBLI was at the top of our list this November. These fabulous statues help us highlight what’s really at the heart of Mulberry Park and how there is so much more to our community than selling homes to excited buyers”.                                                                                                                               

The Hub’s copper alloy façade has also been designed to be reminiscent of temporary ‘Mulberry’ Harbours which were formed to allow the quick landing of supplies onto beaches during the Allied invasion of Normandy. These Harbours were designed in the Foxhill Ministry of Defence (MOD) site in 1943, and have been heralded as one the greatest technological innovations of the War.

The Combe Down area is also known as the birthplace of local hero Harry Patch, "The Last Fighting Tommy," and other famous veterans. As a testament to the wonderful stories of the local men and women who are commemorated throughout the site, Curo is developing a booklet that will detail their histories – dubbed “the Story of a Neighbourhood” to be launched in the New Year.