Building Strong Communities

1st June 2022

Building Strong Communities

When you think about a happy home, one of the first things that comes to mind is the immediate neighbourhood and the feeling of being surrounded by a safe and reliable community. Living in an area like this allows residents and families to relax in the knowledge that they have supportive people around them to share in the glorious every day, whether it’s a street party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, or simply a chat over the dustbins, Curo homes are built to help forge inclusive and co-operative communities.

Buying a property with Curo is more than just buying four walls and a roof. Our buyers trust us to guarantee our workmanship and prioritise safety and environmental impact, making Homes for Good; we call this the Curo ethos. Community is at the heart of this ethos, driving our passion to create neighbourhoods of beautiful homes built for modern and healthy living. We set high standards for the places we create, including considering how each home integrates into the surrounding area, the community facilities, public transport, public spaces and overall aesthetic character. We then funnel our profits back into creating more beautiful communities.

Current neighbourhoods with properties available to purchase include Mulberry Park, Bath; Century Park, Lawrence Weston; and Eaton Park, Yatton. Although all in different locations, each has been designed to be a unique and attractive place filled with like-minded residents - the qualities needed to make a thriving neighbourhood that people love to call home.

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