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Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership has been helping people become homeowners for over 30 years. The scheme enables you to buy a share in a property, usually between 25% and 75%, and pay a low cost rent on the remaining share.

With most homes you will have the option to buy additional shares in your property up to 100% ownership, as and when you can afford to do so, in small minimum increments of 10%*. In many cases, Shared Ownership purchasers are first-time buyers who can’t afford a home at full market value. The scheme is also available to those who used to own a home but can no longer afford one.

*Some of our leases require further shares to be purchased in minimum increments of 25%. This will be clearly stipulated in your contract.

Do I qualify
for Shared


Are you over 18?

Are you unable to afford a property on the open market?

Are you a first-time buyer, or in the process of selling your existing home?

Do you have savings of at least 5% of the share price, plus £2,500 to cover the purchase costs?

Have you always kept up your payments on any loan or form of credit agreement?

Is your household income less than £80,000 per year?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are likely to be eligible for Shared Ownership.

Shared Ownership is a government funded programme and you’ll need to complete an application on the www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk website.

Once your application has been approved you’ll be registered with the Help to Buy Agent for the South and will be able to start your search for a home. Unless stated otherwise, all homes for this scheme are offered on a ‘first come first served’ basis. We’ll have to carry out a specific affordability assessment for the home you wish to purchase.

If you couldn’t answer yes to all of the questions, then Shared Ownership might not be the right solution for you. Please get in touch with us to discuss further options.

How to

Register and search for a home

Complete an online application form at www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk. Look for a property online at www.curo-group.co.uk/sales and www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk or call us on 0345 140 50 50 to find out what developments we’re currently working on.

Once you’ve found a property you like, you’ll need to register your interest through Help to Buy Agent for the South.

Once you’ve applied for a property, we’ll carry out an affordability assessment and we’ll check if you are eligible for the property.